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Comparison of water - borne and solvent - based chloroprene spray
Mar 29, 2017

With the increasingly stringent national environmental laws and regulations and the public awareness of environmental protection gradually increased, toxic and contaminated solvent-type neoprene was resisted, water-borne neoprene came into being. Because of its excellent performance, non-toxic environmental protection, non-combustible safety, energy saving, easy to use, on behalf of the development direction of neoprene favored.

In recent years, the domestic water-based neoprene research and development progress quickly, has been applied in high-end export products. Shenzhen Gu Kangli Chemical Co., Ltd. After more than two years of research, cracked the water-based neoprene drying speed is slow, the initial viscosity is low, storage stability is poor, the greater the smell and other problems in the country to take the lead in the successful development of water-based neoprene [8 ], And the product supply market, for the production of Zhuanyi, thick leather sofa, cloth sofa, mattresses, high-grade pillows, toys, screens, handicrafts, footwear, paper products, wood products and other export products, the effect is very good. (25 ℃) 200 ~ 600 mPa · s; pH 10.5, no corrosion effect; spray area (20 ~ 30) m2 / kg; water-based chloroprene spray is milky white uniform liquid, almost odorless; Early sticky strong, PU soft foam plastic spray, the air for 30 s can be bonded positioning; sticky retention time (opening time) 30 ~ 60 min. Glue storage at room temperature for more than 6 months without any changes, storage of experimental products close to 1 year also no stratification, gel phenomenon. Recently, the company has developed a successful brush, roller coated water-based neoprene products, viscosity (25 ℃) 1 000 mPa · s, the comparative test shows that the performance and the United States imported water-based neoprene products rather. Recently, there are several domestic plastic companies have also developed a water-based chloroprene spray. Water-based neoprene is a truly environmentally friendly adhesive that can gradually replace solvent-based neoprene.

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