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Characteristics Of Waterborne Neoprene
Mar 29, 2017

1, tasteless no pollution: no solvent-like spray the kind of irritating smell;

2, no organic solvent: the solvent used is usually we used in ordinary water;

3, non-volatile substances: that is, zero VOC, is "water" as solvent dissolved, diluted, so there is no volatile organic solvents;

4, non-toxic: water and water-based synthetic resin are not toxic, so no toxicity;

5, the provincial glue: the same weight of solvent-based spray compared to more savings, according to customer data show that the use of the spray area of up to three times the solvent-based spray (Note: and the actual operation and guns and other equipment ), Really play a "green and economic" dual role;

6, high solid content: solid content of more than 43%, so when used in the need to spray thicker can achieve very good results;

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