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Colorful Popsicle Cooler Daily Maintenance
Jun 16, 2017

  colorful popsicle cooler Daily Maintenance

  The colorful popsicle cooler is mostly composed of calcium, magnesium ions and acid carbonates. When the cooling water flows through the metal surface, there is the formation of carbonates. In addition, dissolved in the cooling water oxygen will also cause metal corrosion, forming rust. As a result of rust scale, the effect of heat transfer decreased. When severe, it is necessary to spray the cooling water in the outer shell, which will clog the pipe when the fouling is serious, so that the heat transfer effect loses its effect. The research data show that scale sediment has great influence on the loss of heat transfer, and as the increase of sediments will cause the increase of energy cost, save energy, prolong the service life of equipment, and save production time and cost.

  Long-term traditional cleaning methods such as mechanical methods (scraping, brushing), high-pressure water, chemical cleaning (pickling), etc.colorful popsicle cooler in the equipment cleaning, there are many problems: can not completely remove the scale and other sediments, acid liquid on the equipment caused by corrosion of the loopholes, residual acid on the material produced two times corrosion or corrosion, and eventually lead to the replacement of equipment, in addition, cleaning waste toxic, need a large amount of funds for wastewater treatment.

  The use of Foschtek cleaning agent to clean the condenser, Foschtek high efficiency, environmental protection, safety, non-corrosive, not only good cleaning effect and no corrosion equipment, can ensure the long-term use of condensers. Foschtek Cleaning agent (unique adding wetting agent and penetrating agent, can effectively remove the most stubborn scale (calcium carbonate) produced in water equipment,colorful popsicle cooler rust, grease, sticky mud and other sediments, without causing harm to the human body, will not iron and steel, copper, nickel, titanium, rubber, plastics, fiber, glass, ceramics and other materials to produce erosion, pitting, oxidation and other harmful reactions, can greatly extend the service life of the equipment.

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