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How To Buy A Suitable Cosmetic Bag
Oct 25, 2017

Material weight, is to choose their own style must consider the factors.

The more lightweight the material, the more will not cause the burden of carrying, fabric and plastic cloth made of the most convenient and convenient cosmetic bag. In addition, the skin is best to choose wear-resistant handling of the material, do not have too much dressed, do not often change, can be used for a long long time.

Now people buy wallet, cosmetic bag, the first choice of brand name, in the eyes of many people, the brand bag quality are better, but in good products require regular maintenance in order to extend its service life, The following common maintenance common sense:

What happens when a cosmetic bag meets a drink at a party?

When the bag sprinkled with beer, soda, coffee, red wine, wine and other alcohol. Do not panic, please use a soft cloth dipped in warm water to wipe, and then use low concentration of detergent water to wipe.

Here I'll talk about the difference between these two bags!

1. Content difference: the inside of the makeup bag is filled with eye cream lipstick eyebrow pencil eyebrow pencils suction oil paper foundation moisturizing lotion, wash bag is installed in the facial cleanser spit soap tooth toothbrush towel, 2. texture difference: cosmetic bag can be cloth , Can not waterproof, because the water quality of cosmetics is not much. Wash the package to be waterproof, it is best not cloth, because after a lot of supplies will be left after the water drops. 3. Use difference: cosmetic bag is often used outside, makeup makeup what. Wash the package basically at home, unless travel.

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