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Operation Precautions For Waterborne Neoprene Products
Mar 29, 2017

1, the use of this product when the uniform attention to the surface of the sticky material, but the sticky surface must be dry, clean, no oil before the spray construction, otherwise affect the best effect of bonding.

2, to be sprayed at temperatures above 20 ℃ placed within 1 minute or glue non-stick hand (depending on the workplace to master the operating time) can be applied pressure bonding, bonding material to the best one-time accurate, stable and solid The

3, the temperature below 10 ℃ temperature when used to extend the time to extend a little. Or need to meet the requirements of the operation process, please contact with our Department of Engineering to ensure that the best product adhesion performance!

4, at 10 ℃ to minus 10 ℃ and rainy days, the use of wet weather to master the best bonding time operation, pay attention to the material and the sticky surface is dry, otherwise it will lead to adverse bonding effect.

5, the product in the weather, phenology and other objective factors in the transformation process, if any operation, process and quality differences please contact with our engineering department, timely solution, it will not affect the production and reduce production efficiency.

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