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Popsicle Pouch In The Printing When The Color Difference Should Be How To Solve
Aug 08, 2017

  popsicle pouch in the printing when the color difference should be how to solve

  popsicle pouch is essential in our lives, it can play a good function in addition to protect the product, but also through the exquisite packaging products to better convey to consumers, but also can play a very good Promotion effect. In the major shopping malls, the food in the production process needs to go through a lot of processes, and the final process is the packaging process, showing that packaging in food played a very important role. popsicle pouch are demanding, because it is in direct contact with food, and its production is more stringent, according to different types of food, the application of packaging products to be different. So, popsicle pouch in the printing when the color difference should be how to solve it?

  Cause one, the pressure caused by the printing of poor color

  The ideal printing process is in the "Sanping" on the basis of a thin ink in order to balance the printing pressure through the role of the printed material to obtain a more uniform ink. When the printing pressure is insufficient or uneven, the package lining and the printing plate surface contact with the bad situation, you need to increase the amount of ink to meet the visual effects of the layout of the ink, but this will not only increase the consumption of ink , And prone to printing color and printing sticky quality problems.

  Reason two, ink roller caused by poor printing color

  Printing on the printing of color machines, generally equipped with ink roller, ink roller and ink roller three, which is a greater impact on the ink shade ink roller and ink roller. The ink roller elasticity, viscosity, degree of roundness, hardness and surface finish how to a large extent determine the printing ink quality. If the ink roller of poor elasticity, lack of viscosity, roller eccentricity, colloid and colloid finish is poor, etc., the printing process is likely to cause uneven ink or unstable phenomenon, so that the printed ink inconsistent.

  Reason three, ink to the ink device caused by poor printing color

  When the ink iron drum roundness is poor or there is wear and tear deformation, fountain steel plate also appeared to wear and tear deformation, and control the ink roller rotation mechanism defects, so that the printing process of ink supply instability, but also cause printing color. In addition, it should be noted that the reasonable bar to the ink device, ink in the ink to fully increase or reduce the amount of delivery, there are two ways to adjust, one by adjusting the fountain steel and ink (ink) to achieve the gap; The second is by adjusting the size of the rotation of the rotor roller to achieve the size.

  Reason four, bad print caused by printing color

  Lithographic printing process if the version of the discomfort, but also prone to printing color phenomenon. In addition, the use of aging or adsorption of ink, impurity, will affect the water absorption of the water roller and the fountain solution evenly. In addition, the bucket device if the phenomenon of water leakage, it will also affect the printing plate moisture uniform delivery. These bad conditions exist, will damage the layout of the ink evenly and stable transmission, so that the printing ink color differences.

  Cause five, poor ink caused by printing color

  Printing ink layer thickness and viscosity is not easy to produce printing color. Printing, only with a moderate and uniform printing ink layer, in order to better ensure the quality of ink printed matter, and effectively prevent the printing of dirty dirt problems.

  Reason Six, the substrate material caused by poor printing color

  In the food packaging printing process, we can find that the substrate material is also a difference in the color of printing one of the reasons, such as the printing of gloss and hue differences, will produce printing color problems. To embossed aluminum paper, for example, aluminum paper paper color hues are different, will cause the printing color effect on the inconsistency.

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