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Rubber And Plastics Will Become The Focus Of The Future Development Of Four Major Categories Of Plastic Products
Mar 29, 2017

According to the national key development plan, the future of China will focus on the development of agricultural plastics, plastic packaging, plastic and industrial and engineering plastics products four categories of products.

Agricultural plastic products.

The state focus on the development of vegetables, flowers, cash crops and other needs of a variety of functional film, film and forage and so on. Water conservancy is mainly the development of water-saving irrigation equipment, channel impermeable pipe and impermeable membrane, different types of micro-irrigation (drip irrigation, micro-spray, infiltration pipe, etc.) equipment and a variety of geotechnical materials to meet the needs of water-saving agriculture development.

Packaging plastic products.

Focus on the development of various food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other plastic packaging materials to improve the protection function to extend the life of the goods high barrier packaging materials, hot filling packaging materials, preservation materials, grain storage

Preservation of anti-mildew pest control materials.

Building plastic products.

Focus on the development of different regions, different types of building a series of standardized, standardized supporting the various types of pipe, pipe and profiles (doors and windows), such as large diameter water pipes, new indoor water pipes, hot water pipes, gas pipes, Profiles, all kinds of insulation materials, waterproof materials, wall decoration materials.

Industrial and engineering plastics products.

Focus on the development of electronic, electrical, automotive, transportation, post and telecommunications, office equipment, sports fitness equipment and defense industry applications of various general plastic and engineering plastic accessories.

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