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Rubber Raw Material Price Fluctuations Affect The Export Of Rubber Products And Rubber Sheet
Mar 29, 2017

China is the largest rubber and plastics supply and demand market, especially the tire market and rubber sheet market by the impact of changes in foreign market demand. It is expected that China's auto production and sales in 2012 increased by 5% to 15%, compared with 2011 growth of 3% to 10%. This will give the downturn in the tire market to bring some encouragement.

In 2011, China's styrene butadiene rubber market prices rose 48%, butadiene rubber rose 34%; natural rubber (SCRS) average price of more than 33,000 yuan per ton, or 28%. In the first 10 months of 2011, the sales cost of the rubber products industry increased by 29.2% year on year, of which the tire manufacturing increased by 31.9% and the recycled rubber sheet manufacturing increased by 32.6%. Foreign economic crisis, a serious result of the rubber products and rubber sheet exports decreased significantly, foreign trade orders plummeted.

2012, China's tires, rubber products, rubber sheet exports may face greater difficulties. At the same time, the domestic tire market demand growth is limited, more contradictory supply and demand. However, under the cost of support, the overall level of China's rubber sheet products industry prices will continue relatively stable trend, or more than the previous year will be significantly narrowed to 2.7%, of which tire manufacturing prices rose 3.8%.

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