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The Five Main Advantages Of Popsicle Pouch
Jul 26, 2017

  The five main advantages of popsicle pouch.

  I. To meet the diversified protection requirements of commodities.

  popsicle pouch can not only meet the water vapor, gas, grease, organic solvents and other substances barrier requirements, but also according to customer requirements, to meet anti-rust, anti-corrosion, electromagnetic radiation, anti-static, chemical resistance and other requirements, as well as to ensure food aseptic preservation, non-toxic non-polluting and so on. Significantly improve the quality of life.

  Second, to save packaging and transportation costs.

  Because the plastic packaging bag mostly uses the soft thin film and the sheet material to make, therefore has the packing body, the packing material occupies the small weight, the packing void area and so on the superiority, very facilitates the commodity the circulation transportation work, the transportation cost and the rigid packing commodity transportation cost to be compared greatly to reduce.

  Third, the packaging process is simple, easy to operate and use.

  Product manufacturers, packaging companies as long as the purchase of high-quality Popsicle bag products, you can carry out their own packaging work, technical operation is simple, and easy to open and use consumers.

  Four, resources energy consumption, environmental protection and other aspects have obvious comparative advantage.

  According to the variety and quantity of resource consumption, popsicle pouch have incomparable advantages in other packaging forms. Due to the use of materials soft, easy to fold, easy to bundle, waste material recovery and transport work is more convenient, and according to the nature of the waste materials can be used separately landfill, incineration, decomposition, regeneration and so on.

  Five, strong commodity appeal, in line with the requirements of commodity publicity.

  popsicle pouch are one of the most approachable forms of packaging for many consumers. Popsicle bag can be made into a lightweight, soft, feel comfortable plastic bag products, suitable for colorful printing, effectively communicate the commodity information, so that consumers have a good first impression of goods.

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