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What Are The Problems With The Use Of Popsicle Pouch?
Aug 08, 2017

  What are the problems with the use of popsicle pouch?

  The current mall will have a lot of popsicle pouch, this kind of ice sticks seem to impact resistance and resistance to tension, but the actual life of these packaging is not really can withstand any damage to the outside world? After the experts' experiments and research draw the following conclusions:

  1. Ice stick bag cold resistance can not meet the requirements, in the case of low temperature, can not maintain the original properties of the material, popsicle pouch packaging materials more brittle, so that the mechanical strength of packaging materials decreased, resulting in ice buns broken and cracking, The protection of the contents of the role.

  2. Prickly pouch bag easy to play the role of tear can not effectively play, tear strength is too large to make the bag is not easy to open, tear strength is too small to reduce the mechanical properties of the bag, so it is necessary to meet the pouch sticks easy to tear the human design, But also to complete the protection of the product.

  3, popsicle bag puncture performance, ice hock after freezing is generally hard, transport and stacking the product is very easy to squeeze the popsicle bag, so that the ice sticks bag damage caused by damage, so the popsicle pouch on the ice stick bag puncture requirements are high.

  And then tell you: easy to identify food bags have no toxic method

  Water detection method: the plastic bag into the water, non-toxic plastic bags into the water, the surface can be surfaced, popsicle pouch and toxic plastic bags are not floating up.

  Hand touch detection method: touch the plastic bag by hand, there are smooth people who are non-toxic, or toxic.

  Beat detection method: hand to seize the plastic bag at one end, forced shot about, issued a crisp sound of non-toxic, otherwise toxic.

  Fire detection method: the plastic bag can be cut off a side, with fire, toxic not easy to burn, non-toxic fire can easily burn.

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