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What Is A Cosmetic Bag?
Nov 01, 2017

Cosmetic bag, as the name suggests, is a bag carrying cosmetics. Many ladies like to talk about cosmetic bags on their wallet, let them dress up or regularly make up their makeup. The cosmetic bag may include a zipper or a velcro fastener that is usually made of cloth or vinyl, but sometimes also uses other fabrics such as metallic materials and counter-hairs.

Vinyl makeup bags are often easy to wipe clean. The drawback of this type of cosmetic bag is that it may crack. Despite this, good quality, transparent makeup bag is very popular, easy to let you see you in them have a glance. The fabric bags will not crack, but they are not easy to keep clean and cosmetic leaks that may stain the fabric.

Cosmetic bag size can be small, medium or large. Cosmetic bags, the use of the day may be quite small, and the weekend holiday usage is relatively high. Some women in a smaller bag and put some cosmetics and then keep them in a larger cosmetic bag to avoid damaging product spills and spills. Also can be used for this purpose can be sealed plastic bags.

Some travel cosmetic bags are cylindrical, and there are holders of inner bags, such cosmetics have less chance of spillage. Cosmetic bags can be sold in sets of different sizes of three or four bags. These settings can be very convenient in different bags, women can have different makeup makeup. For example, they may leave a bag makeup instead of carrying the same beauty item and work every day in the office. Some of the popular cosmetics companies have a cosmetic bag out of the line, and even some types of makeup bags first letter or name to be personalized.

The contents of a woman's cosmetic bag can be very different. Some women keep hair accessories bag cosmetics while others use strict cosmetic makeup bags. Some cosmetic bags have straps and handle connections and camping and travel these types may be good.

Cosmetic bag containing cosmetics such as: mascara lip gloss powder eyebrow pencil sunscreen oil-absorbing paper.

Use of cosmetic bag

Is easy to go out when the makeup, I think put lip gloss, powder and water spray on the OK friends, as the eye shadow brush and the like should be placed on the bar, so the bag will not be too heavy, but also enough needed.

Cosmetic bag, is used to make up all kinds of bags. Are generally used to install cosmetics bags, cosmetic bags often use fabrics: PVC, leather, light plastic, satin, Oxford cloth, canvas

The use of a more detailed division: multi-functional professional cosmetic bag, travel with a simple cosmetic bag and a small household cosmetic bag.

Professional cosmetic bag, multi-function, multiple grid and storage bags. Mainly used by professional make-up artists.

Travel-style cosmetic bag, usually easy to carry. Sub-grid less, but full-featured. You can place commonly used cosmetics and cosmetic products.

Home small cosmetic bag, style and type of ever-changing. Color and quality are also uneven, more small cosmetic bag is the cosmetics company's promotional items. In the purchase of cosmetics when the gift.

Cosmetic bag according to the material can be divided into: nylon cloth cosmetic bag, cotton cosmetic bag, pvc cosmetic bag, pu cosmetic bag and so on.

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